Jan Stoepel

PhD Student
Current Degree(s): Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Past Degree(s): Diploma in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena, Germany)
Supervisor: Phil Hieter

My research focuses on the characterization of the proteins Ctf18, Ctf8 and Dcc1. Our lab previously identified and characterized mutations within these genes causing increased rates of chromosomal loss and missegregatio. Further, they have been shown to form an alternative form of the canonical replication factor complex (RFC) involved in loading PCNA (Pol30) onto DNA during DNA replication. The alternative Ctf18-RFC appears to be crucial for proper cohesion establishment during DNA replication. My main interest is in identifying and understanding the mechanism by which cohesion establishment is achieved. Primarily I’m interested in how the activity of the Ctf18-RFC is targeted within the chromatin and what cofactors may mediate this process. In addition I’m interested if the Ctf18-RFC loading a alternative substrate to PCNA onto DNA. As tools to answer these questions I used a combination of genetic screens (high copy suppression, synthetic lethality), genomic (ChIP on chip) and standard techniques such as fluorescence microscopy and protein immunoprecipitation.

contact: jan@msl.ubc.ca

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